Berjaya Youth, together with Roots & Shoots Malaysia has launched a project titled “Wild About Arts! An Awareness Campaign of Endangered Malaysian Wildlife”. This campaign focuses on 3 endangered Malaysian species, i.e. the Orangutan, Asian Elephant and Green Turtle which numbers are dwindling fast over the years.

Relevant NGOs i.e. Orangutan Appeal UK, Turtle Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia and the Department of Wildlife & National Parks have been roped in to be our project partners.

We are organizing awareness talks about the 3 endangered Malaysian species by the relevant NGOs at 15 participating schools in the Klang Valley. On top of that, we will engage the students at the participating schools by organizing arts workshops through which they can unleash their creativity and come up with creative artworks revolving around the 3 endangered animals. Waste materials that are appropriate for recycling or upcycling will be strongly encouraged in the process of their creative work.

Through this awareness campaign, we hope to instill in the young a sense of empathy and care for animal welfare.

While reaching out to the young, we are having an Open Category for all like-minded people of all ages who wish to contribute their creative artworks towards this cause. Information is available on the Facebook pages of Berjaya Youth and Roots & Shoots.

The most exciting part of this awareness campaign will be the showcase of outstanding creative artworks at an arts exhibition dedicated towards this cause in 2016.