Everyone has a hero that they look-up to. It can be their parents or their favorite comic character. What about the “unsung” heroes in our society? With that in mind, Berjaya Youth is proud to launch the BIG HERO CAMPAIGN! We are providing you an opportunity for you to share you or your friend’s stories of remarkable individuals who are making a difference. The only requirement is that these stories must be relevant to any of our 4 pillars of Berjaya Youth; Creativity, Inspiration, Animal and Eco. We are all ears, so start SHARING your stories! =)

1. Post a photo/video of you or your "Big Hero" and provide a brief description or background as to why you or the person you nominated is a hero to you.
2. If you are nominating someone else, tagging them (with prior consent) in your post will be an extra bonus as the purpose is to highlight these amazing youths.
3. Include the campaign hashtag #BigHero and don’t forget to TAG us @Berjaya Youth in your Facebook/Instagram entries.
4. You are encouraged to include an inspirational/motivational quote at the end of your description.
5. Your profile should be kept public for us to view the entry. 

All approved entries will be shared on our social media pages! Remember, any random act of kindness or effort is encouraged no matter how small it is. So, let’s get together and shine a spotlight on the efforts that give us hope in humanity! We can’t wait to hear your inspiring stories!

DISCLAIMER: Berjaya Youth reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations without prior notice.