Zone Auditions FAQs

  1. Where do I get the participation form?
    Download the participation form from or collect it form our crew during school roadshows.

  2. What do I need to bring on the day of the zone auditions?
    Save your music (dance) or minus-one (solo singing) in a pen drive. Bring along the pen drive and the completed form and hand it over to our crew, at the registration counter on the audition day.

  3. What is the programme for the zone auditions?
    Registration starts at 8.00am and ends at 2.00pm. The zone auditions will start at 9.00am and conclude at 5.00pm. In the event of poor turnout, we will end the auditions early without prior notice.

  4. Am I given a queue number upon registration at the zone auditions?
    It is based on “first come first serve basis”. We advise participants to arrive early to register.

  5. How long do I need to sing/dance?
    You will only need to sing/dance for a maximum of 3 minutes.

  6. Am I allowed to take part in more than one category?
    Individually, you are allowed to take part in more than 1 category. But you are NOT allowed to take part in more than ONE team within the same event category.

  7. Can I recruit students from other schools to form a team?
    You are ONLY allowed to form a dance team with 2 to 6 students from the SAME school.

  8. How do I participate in this competition if I am located outside the 5 zone audition states?
    Students residing outside the 5 states are encouraged to participate by submitting their audition videos for evaluation. However, they are welcome to attend any of the 5 zone auditions.

  9. How do I submit my audition video and when is the deadline?
    Audition videos can be sent via WhatsApp to Zachary Wong at +6012- 377 3632. (Please include your full name, school, state and category in your message). The deadline for submission is before 28 April 2018, 11.59pm. We will not entertain any submissions after the deadline.

  10. Am I allowed to attend any zone auditions? What happens if I can’t attend any of the zone auditions?
    ou are allowed to attend the other listed zone auditions, outside your zone audition state. If you are not able to be physically present with a legitimate reason, you can submit your audition video on WhatsApp. However, we highly encourage you to turn up for the zone auditions.